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BILL OF SALE Clear 48-2004 R04/05 www. azdot. gov Vehicle Identification Number Sale Date Year Make Body Style Sale Payment Amount Buyer Name first middle last suffix Driver License Number Date of Birth Mailing Address City State Zip I do hereby sell and transfer ownership of the vehicle above to the Buyer in consideration of Sale Payment Amount.
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Hello this is Dave again at title recovery calm and when we process lost titles and title recovery on vehicles where clients don't have good title or don't have a title in hand one of the most important elements of doing that is having a good bill of sale if you are a vehicle owner or somebody in possession of a vehicle without a title it's important that you have a bill of sale so what makes a good bill of sale for a vehicle first of all you want to make sure that you have a good signature of the seller and underneath that signature it's got their printed name so you know who signed it if it is a scribbled name and you don't have the sellers actual printed name you may not be able to recognize it number two ideally that signature will be notarized and if you can get a notarized signature you know that their identity is known and that it's clear if you can't get it notarized try to get a copy of their ID or at least a number from their driver's license so you can verify it's an actual person make sure that the date place and time of the transfer is noted on the bill of sale if the place and time is noted that way it's a record of when that happened you don't have to remember when you met the person to exchange for the vehicle also make sure that the consideration is listed on the bill sale consideration basically is how much you pay for the car or what you traded for it's important to do that so that it makes that bill of sale valid so the person can't say they were never paid or that the bill of sale is invalid because they didn't receive anything for the car you have good consideration in exchange for that vehicle make some multiple copies of the bill of sale maybe have three or four original signatures so if you lose one you have a backup give one to the seller so they have a further records and that it's just redundancy about having that bill of sale number two is make sure that the bill of sale has a sold to section who is it being transferred to don't just sign you have the seller sign I'm selling this vehicle or I sold this vehicle have it directly assigned to you as the buyer or a person has the buyer so it's very clear what that transfer was make sure that the address of the seller is also listed on the bill of sale so it's a good identity it's a good location it verifies who and where that person is located if there's any notes about the transaction if it's for parts only if its title attached if it's a salvage title have that listed on the bill of sale as well so it's very clear what the understanding was at a time if it's not for parts only if it's to be used for on the road use put that on your bill of sale that's part of your agreement with that person so there's no question later what the deal is what the story is if there's any other disclosures put that on there as well so if you for some reason don't have a title getting a good vehicle bill of sale is a strong step in protecting your interest as a buyer and the...
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